Anaid Gomez Ortigoza
Vikram Tank


Remmbr.com is a service that stores your pictures while keeping them connected to the location they were taken in.


Designing Around Place

Our memories are often represented by pictures. But those photographs took place in a specific space and time. The latest technologies are able to provide us with this data. Remmbr.com keeps those memories associated to specific places and allows us to see them in a map and therefore have a different experience when looking back at them.

platforms like flickr end up serving other purposes than just picture posting. They get used for things such as pictures of bought or desired objects and, recently, for mapping pictures to a world map. In a way, they help us construct our memories and we remember things with their help. Remmbr takes this further by adding the mapping aspect as the main component, and being able to easily access and construct this maps for both the practical uses (remembering where to buy something or giving a friend a map of favorite shopping spots in SoHo) and the purely emotive ones.

users of online sharing platforms like flickr, myspace, facebook, etc.

User Scenario
you walk around New York with a friend on a Saturday and take pictures, in the Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown, and a bar in the LES. Along the way you discover great cheese in a shop you'd never seen before! At all this places you take pictures with the iPhone through our interface. All of this memories are stored and can be seen marked on a map.

php, mySql, javascript, ajax

that it's easier said than done!
that users tend to use it differently than we imagined (user testing!).