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ReVerVe lets fashion conscious people to have an interactive real time experience by merging fashion related television shows and price comparison shopping to get the most up-to-date trends with the best price on the internet.

Designing for Emerging Media Platforms

An interactive television website that combines online shopping and interactive television experience. For most people, the newest information on fashion, whether it is to follow trend or merely for inspiration, comes from watching television shows and movies. However, finding information about who-is-wearing-what is usually a little bit difficult. Based on that, we are offering a service where people can actually get what they see on screen the minute they see it.

User research, observation and millions of blogs in the internet that actually dedicated to specific show/movies that discussing about fashion aspect of the show/movies in details.

People who watches online television, shops online and presumably fashion forward people who always wanted the new trend based on fashion related tv shows/movies.

User Scenario
Jessica - Female/20yrs old/Undergrad Student@NYU

Jessica is 20yrs old college student at NYU. She live in New Jersey.
Living and going to college in NYC, she seeds lots of fashion-conscious people around her she wishes to catch up what they wear and consume, not only from her daily observation.

She avidly watches TV show Gossip Girl, Tyra, and Lipstic Jungle to get a better sense of the latest fashion trends. Among these shows, she finds Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl and adores what she wears in every episodes.

Through ReVerVe, she can watch Gossip Girl and whenever she sees interesting items on the video, she clicks them, wishlists them or buys them when price looks reasonable.