Michael Kelberman


Exploration of new uses of payphones led me to the creation of a public photo-booth that uploads pictures to a photo sharing web service.


Introduction to Physical Computing (Thu AM),Materials and Building Strategies

How can we implement a new use for phonebooths that would not interfere with its functionality but expand it? The project is both a commentary on this antequated technology as well as a call to action to find and implement new uses for a system that is intact across the world.

For my proof of concept, I will be using a rotary phone as the interface. I find it a nice aesthetic for an abandoned technology. Instructions will be silkscreened onto the face of the phone module. As of now, they will toggle the flash, control number of photos, delay between photos, to name the core features.

The public.

User Scenario
User places a call on the rotary dial. The embedded camera will take a picture of the user(s). The numbers dialed correspond to effects that will be applied to the image.

Both the modified and original images will be saved to a public photo-sharing account online.

The kiosk will be fabricated of mostly cardboard and some structural plywood. Components include a rotary phone, a digital camera and an analog flash.