Xiaoyang Feng

Stairway to Heaven

chasing a coin on an endless Möbius-Strip Stairway


GL Art

"Stairway to Heaven" is interactive screen-based installation. With 3D technology, it simulates a Möbius-Strip shaped stairs into the space. It gives user an experience of walking on the stairs following a bouncing coin. With simulated human breathe, human steps sound effects and coin bouncing sound, this project aim to bring user all the surrounding environmental experience. When user walk close to this project, the screen will show an overview the stairs in order to aware audience its endless.

experiment surrealistic 3D visual effects in OpenGL in order to help people revalue themselves. Experiment the idea "overall situation is a new detail", by offering user an overview when user want to learn details of the project.

ordinary people, age 18+, who would like to reveal/revalue themselves.

User Scenario
One user at a time
1. stand in front of the screens and grab a headphone to wear
2. watch and listen to a coin bouncing on the stairs with human breathe sound
3. walk close to see details, in contrary, the screen start to zoom out
4. see the whole image of Möbius-Strip stairs, and also Obama's head picture on the coin in the smaller screen

building 365 stairs to form the shape of Möbius Strip in OpenGL, animating coin bouncing on the stairs, synthesis human breath sound and coin bouncing sound effect according to the distance between user and the screen.

how to build Möbius-strip stairs by mapping transformed cube into the space? how to synthesis sound effects