Jose Angel Olivares
Matthew Young

The Living Corner

With carefully mapped projectors we will turn common surfaces into video screens.

Frame By Frame: Creation and Manipulation of the Moving Image,Video Sculpture

The idea with our video sculpture is to build an anthill in the south eastern corner of room 445, and project video ants crawling up the wall and onto the pipes. Then, in the hall way perhaps, we'll have another projector set up to project the ants crawling around amongst the pipes and the wall behind the video monitors. The idea is to attract attention to often seen but not-paid-attention-to spaces in a clever way.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMKE-XXf4Mk&feature=related (minus the music)

Our target audience will be ITP show attendees

User Scenario
Ideally the user would enter the room and immediately notice the anthill and ants running up the wall, forever changing their perspective on video art and ants alike.

The anthill we'll make out of papier mache or something like that, then cover in glue and white colored sand. This object would be contained in a wood frame to catch any spill. Then, using auto poles, projectors, and DVD players, we'll project mapped video onto this surface and the wall, and show the ants crawling around.