Meredith Jacqueline Hasson

Video Mosaic

A live video mosaic that uses images as the color pixels. The images are from around the ITP floor, previous shows and thesis presentations.


Introduction to Computational Media (Wed)

Video Mosaic photo booth allows you to snap a picture of yourself as reflected through images from other ITP events. You are also able to play with the image to see what pictures come up as your "ITP ME" is shown on the screen.

It began as tiles from a trip to Europe and has now progressed into images from around ITP and ITP events. The images can be changed as a person or the setting changes to reflect the emotion you are trying to portray.

All Audiences

User Scenario
The person is able to play in front of the camera and see what different images come up as they move around and play. The individual is also able to press the mouse to take a picture and then email it to themselves.