Micaela Pesantes
Mustafa Bagdatli

Wilson wants to make some beats

Wilson has muscular dystrophy. He is 19, he lives in the Bronx, and he wanted to make some beats – with his friend Lenny – and, eventually become famous. In came ITP to help him accomplish some of it.

Design for One

Before we met with Wilson, the only information we had about was that provided by our instructors:
“WILSON wants to make beats so he and his friend can make hip-hop music together.
He is a 19 year old male with muscular dystrophy.
He is attending Queens Boro College studying liberal arts, wants to
move into music production.
He lives with his mother in the Bronx.
He has use of both hands but limited strength.
He has a computer of his own.
He is available to meet on Friday afternoons.”
Based on that information, and our own biases towards technology, we came up with some high tech. ideas that could help Wilson to use specific software comfortably
However, it is a completely different thing to meet your partner “in real life”, and attune oneself to his real needs.

Thus, once the iteration with him started, we realized that those ideas would not work with Wilson. Then we started to think simple. We came up with an idea of building an armrest and a mouse pad table. He seems to like it, but when we brought the second prototype he was very uncomfortable and we have the change the ideas again. At the end we came up with the simplest idea, which is a foam square and a trackball mouse to control software.

Second part of the project is to help them to become famous or at least to become known to a wider audience. For this purpose, we decided to teach them our basic CommLab knowledge (audacity, bloging etc.), and to learn how to use FLStudio software.

As our final product, we are presenting:
1) Documentation of the process
2) Interview with Wilson & Lenny (A.K.A Young50)
3) Several songs by them (you can take a CD if you want also, you can download it from their MySpace page)