Donna Cameron

You Are The Paint Box People

The purpose of this project is to project art created with past technologies- india ink, paint pigment, clay, film, 3/4" video, beta, Amiga Toaster into the continuous present and to then grade it with an s8 surveillance camera..

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Frame By Frame: Creation and Manipulation of the Moving Image

This project would require (six) small monitors of the same size. They will be formed into a monitor cube, or a brick wall. The Cube will be situated in a corner or if it is a small monitor wall, situated on a kiosk, above a larr mirror, on the floor, with two more full length mirrors in each corner. The structure in the corner will be photographed by a super-8 film camera with a built-in intervalometer,and black and white film, on a tripod. The monitor structure would hold a continuous stream of Amiga toaster canvases, which I created from 1978-1998 in various locations and settings, which are i actuality represented and distributed by their MoMA Circulating Film Library on video and dvd. The viewer interacts not with digital programming by motion sensors and the like, but with his/her eyes and hands. This very simply reflects the experience of visual art. The live camera would allow the viewer to interact with the video structure by being near it. The mirrors allow the viewer to experience the toaster paintings in a virtual x,y,z graph, conceptually projected back by the refraction and reflection of light waves in the mirrors. The super 8 eye witness, recording from its static tripod, will produce a kind of surveillance report of the thing in s-8.
I can later make a film with the s-8 footage and post it on my blog.

This is for a general audience.

User Scenario
Viewer will interact with toaster paintings.

Some assemblage or structure of monitors, possibly a cube, which would create a free form sculpture using live video and the toaster paintings.

The commonality of all things.