Matt Ganucheau

A Space for Reflection

A Space for Reflection is an interactive composition that asks participants to submit a word or phrase in response to a piece of music. This word or phrase is added to a database which is used to generate a sound-scape composition. The participant can then physically control the progress of the piece by walking down a hallway.

Introduction to Physical Computing

User Scenario
A participant is asked to sit down to a table with a computer, a microphone and a pair of wireless headphones with an Xbee attached. The participant is then asked to press play on a keyboard in front of them. In the headphones, a short piece of music begins to play.

When the piece is over, a voice then asks the participant to press a button and say the first word or phrase that comes to their mind. That word or phrase is then added to a database and the participant is asked to stand up and slowly walk down the hallway.

As the user progresses, a generated composition using the database of participant’s responses is played back in the participants headphones. The Xbee is wireless transmitting their distance from the beginning of the hallway. This data is then mapped to control the participant’s position in the generated composition. As they step forward, the composition builds forward whereas as they step backwards the composition deconstructs. With each new participant a new addition to the database is made, making the composition’s textures and density sonically richer.