Sue Syn

Bring you out

The project for recluses. Focus on people who have chosen to withdraw from social life and help them not to give up their communications with society by using mobile technology and sensor network.

Rest of You,Social Activism Using Mobile Technology

Hikikomori is a name for people who feel afraid of going out or meet other people and like to stay at home because of some serious reasons.

I am making a virtual doll to be a miniature of Hikikomori.
Hikikomori will wear sensors to get 'Heart beats' and 'Breathing'data.
Those sensors send hikikomori's state to mobile device and the doll receives the data at outside.
The doll will represent the hikikomori's feeling by acting like physicaly breathes and showing heart beats just same as like hikikomori.
Therefore, person who is with the doll can see how hikikomori feels.
Familly or friends of hikikomori can bring the doll to outside.

The mission of person who is airing with the doll is keep sending picture mails via mobile device from anywhere he or she goes.
Also keep watch the state of hikikomori.
The data and pictures of each airing will be collected on a web server and draw sketchs of whole mixed data on one web page.
Dating with the hikikomori doll is a silent and sensitive outing but it is a rescue.

My goal for this project is let hikikomori see and feel interest about outside world.
Moreover, let them not to give up communicating with outside. I just wanted to find the way to continue the communication of them.

Phenomenon of reclusive individuals who have chosen to withdraw from social life,
often seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement due to various personal and social factors in their lives.
-In the film of 'Generation of hikikomori'-

--Why using Net and Mobile technologies to help Hikikomories?
They can survive at home every day because they use networking technology such as mobile phones or World Wide Web so they don't have to go out.
Which means they feel fine with using those technologies for communication.
Therefore, I want to help them to comeback to society by using networking technology.
By using networked mobile technology, I like to give them some chance to see outside world and talk with people who still care and worry about them.
Moreover, helping them with these kinds of technologies is the way I can do something for them.

--Why using sensors to detect data of human body?
Because those closed people usually don't talk about their feelings.

Hikikomori, The Silent Sufferers.
-In the film of 'Hikikomori The Silent Sufferers'

I use sensors to get their 'heart beats' and 'breathing' data subconsciously.
Also I can read their emotions by intuition with the data.