Emeri Yarnoff
Madeline Jannotta


The ChromaSphere is an interactive sculpture that generates musical tones and corresponding frequencies of visual light in response to human contact and ambient light levels.

Materials and Building Strategies

ChromaSphere is an interactive structure and musical instrucment that responds to human presence and levels of ambient light. The sphere, which is actually a matrix of 88 rgb leds, can be deconstructed to collapse into a flat circular structure with the same properties, or, reconfigured to be an inside-out sphere sculpture.
The project's ultimate aim is to inspire those who interact with it to think about the interesting ways in which color, shape, and sound are are deeply interconnected. The inspiration for the proect comes from a significant body of research conducted on the similarities between the color wheel and the musical circle of fifths. Color to music relationships are then drawn that way.
Overall, though we hope for the ChromaSphere to be an engaging and "fun" object both to behold and to physically manipulate, ultimately, we hope that the experience will provide joy in the hearts of its beholders as well as inspire a new found interest in the intertwined nature of sensory stimuli.