Poram Lee
Sooyun Yun

clean up!

Screen based meditation installation based on audience's performance


Introduction to Computational Media,Introduction to Physical Computing

'meditational installation' that audience can perform themselves.
First idea derived from 'Cleaning the room'. This is based on my personal experience.Cleaning my place always make me feel better and
I want to create screen based installation based on same topic with the similar behavior.We want to use the corner of the wall and on two walls, there are either cityscape and dirty room interior will appear on the wall.On the floor there might be several crumpled paper lay down.(which means "something that I want to throw away and clean up")
Each paper have words hanging. Those graphic words are made by Processing.There will be infrared camera shooting the floor. In side of crumpled paper, there will be infra light with coin cell. Infra camera will detect the lights from infra light and word will appear on the ground beside crumpled paper.*paper should have some level of transparency
so that camera easily detect the infra light. Before he/she begin the performance, they can personalize their performance.
They type in their worries or the stuff that want to get rid of..
After they type in, crumpled paper and broom with dustpan waiting for the audience.After audience picking up the crumpled paper with their worries,
people will actually open the garbage can and throw the paper away.
There will be the *photocell with Arduino with speaker installed inside of can
The garbage can will make sound just like your concerns disappeared.
Performance will start over after one's done.

Based on personal experience,clean up makes me feel better.

people who want to refresh their feeling