Angela Chen

Deathstar automata

A modular video "pod" that can be reconfigured and built as a simultaneous sculptural wall divider and multi-plane projection surface.

Video Sculpture

Deathstar Automata is a physical manifestation of a branching recursion. It is a video sculpture that utilizes a geometrical shape a the means for creating modular yet singular mutli-plane projections. On the technical side, it uses Augmented Reality as the means for letting the camera know where to project the moving image.

User Scenario
The user would build the sculpture up by placing one piece in the sculpture at a time. Once each piece is placed with the marker facing the camera, the camera will recognize the markings and trigger the projected video to play inside the pod so that once completely built it will be a sculptural wall in which each pod will react to its position.

Materials: clear acrylic, vellum as projection surface, magnets, aluminum for frame
Software: simpleARToolkit for processing, Maya for animation, FinalCutPro for editing, Rhino for construction, AutoCAD for construction