Kody Trauger


Delta is a sculpture that investigates themes of change, stability, and self-analysis by utilizing symbolism, forced perspectives, and desire.


Introduction to Physical Computing

Systems, people, philosophies, and world-views need to change with the always-evolving world or risk becoming irrelevant and therefore unstable. Delta physically represents this conclusion by exemplifying the importance of self-reflection and beckons viewers to examine themselves from two perspectives. The symbol Delta is an equilateral triangle that represents change in scientific notation and is one of the strongest geometric forms in architecture.

Delta lures a person to its gaze by flashing lights that increase in speed based on the viewer’s proximity to the sculpture. Once directly in front of Delta, the viewer’s image is displayed on a small three-sided pyramid projection screen. The image shown is two overlaid perspectives: a close up of their own face and the other, their body from afar. Each image is captured using webcams.

I spent many weeks sketching and designing each piece of the sculpture. I had to do some research into working with acrylic. I also had to research how to go about getting pieces of acrylic laser cut.

I spent some time researching how to use Web Cams in Processing and how to control the opacity of each.

Anyone who sees Delta.

User Scenario
Someone encounters Delta and they notice the lights seem to run faster as they approach. When up close, they see themselves from two perspectives in the projection screen. This allows them to examine how they view themselves and how the world views them.

Delta has four main structures. These are the base, the tower, the projection screen, and the internal structure. The base holds the Arduino and Breadboard and supports the rest of the sculpture. The internal structure holds the micro-projector, LEDs, and manages all the wiring. The tower holds the infrared sensors and fits over top of the internal structure. On top of the tower sits the projection screen which also houses a web camera. A second web camera is housed in a secondary structure that sits off to the side of the main sculpture.

All pieces are made of acrylic.

Weekly therapy sessions have led me to discover that moments of change in my life have shaped my consciousness in ways I am just beginning to understand. It is through my continual process of reflection that I gain a better understanding of self.

This sculpture represents the critical examination of self that precipitates the maturation of wisdom.

Kody Trauger is an artist and campus educator. He is a masters candidate at ITP and holds a BA in The Development of Gender and Sexual Identity from NYU. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.