Patrick Hebron

Digitalis Interactive

An interactive, Lego-like, three dimensional re-presentation of physical space.

Drawing Machines,Introduction to Physical Computing

If Photorealism is only one of many possible styles of painting, then the "realism" of our natural vision must similarly be one of many possible modes of realism. There is no reason to suspect that our natural vision presents the world as it really is. We are abstractly aware of this and yet are limited in our ability to experience other modes. It is the goal of this project to enable the user to experience a physical environment in a visual style which differs from his or her natural mode of vision. This is achieved through the use of a 3D scanner, which images a physical space and provides a software system with a cloud of three-dimensional coordinates. The software uses geometric analysis to interpret these points into an alternate view of the space - a view which may be described as a blocky, Lego-like version of the physical environment. This alternate view is then sent to the user's head-mounted display. A 3D positioning and orientation sensor is used to locate the user within the depicted space. This system is intended for use in an interactive cinema experience, entitled "Parallax Digitalis," which will use prerecorded and interactive sequences to convey the story of a young man entrapped by the false notion that he is a deity. The current implementation of this project serves as a proof-of-concept for my longtime theoretical exploration of the possible uses of descriptive geometry in the telling of cinematic narratives.

A full description of the process of creating this project is available on my blog.