Yang Liu


Besides beat facebook and save the world, the goal of this site is provide users a ture social networking service site and the best user experience.


Introduction to Computational Media on the Web

We had a discussion in one of the Red’s class presentation. It is about whether nowadays SNS site like facebook, myspace help us to be more social or be more social awkward.

We have different opinions. But websites like facebook do have problem. That is , they do not simulate the true “social communication”. In facebook, most of the communication is one person to one person. Users can not have a big picture about what other people are doing.

Besides, the communication on facebook is not real-time. Users must keep refreshing the web page to view latest message or view other people’s profile.

My project - fucebook - intends to improve these problem.

First, except the login page, the whole site is in only one web page. Users do not need to go to any other page.

Second, through ajax, all the communication happens in real time, very close to IM software like msn, iChat, ect.

Third, users can adjust their own page, so everyone can have a unique page.

At last, and also the most important one. The fucebook highly simulate the real world communication. In fucebook, users can talk to one person and still can have an idea about what other people are talking about. Also, users can send group message by simply drag and drop different people’s image into the group panel. All these interactions are realized by some intuitive operation, such as scroll the mouse wheel, drag and drop.

This project is still in progress. But it is beyond nowadays web 2.0. In the future of the fucebook users can create their own content, which represents the next generation of web design.

User Scenario
People can log in this site and personalize their pages. They can chat with friends just like the real world communication. More than that, they can also send group message by simply drag and drop. Users don't need to go to any other pages. Online chat has never been this easy!