Adi Marom
Aly Wolff-Mills
Brian Kim
Daniel Reece
Daniel Tsadok
David Golan
Fiona Daniels
Jelani John
Jill Haefele
Jonathan Ystad
Lina Giraldo
Madeline Jannotta
Milena Selkirk
Nahanaeli Schelling
Oscar Von Hauske
Patrick Grizzard
Tim Haynes
Timothy Gardner
Winslow Porter

Frame by Frame group display

A reel of selected animations by students of the class "Frame by Frame". This class uses After Effects and Processing to deconstruct, manipulate, and recontextualize still images and video.

Frame By Frame: Creation and Manipulation of the Moving Image

This will be a display for the entire FxF class. There are about 15 people in the class, so finding presenters will not be a problem.

This will just be a (most likely) looping showcase of final projects from the class


User Scenario
The viewer stands and watches videos. I could also put some push buttons on the video player to select clips.