Milena Selkirk


A self-contained virtual rock band for any musician who's ever been stood up or bailed on.

Frame By Frame: Creation and Manipulation of the Moving Image,New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Jilted is a virtual rock band, composed of projected video on screens behind a live performer. It was created out of frustration, after being left in the lurch by flaky musicians, who failed to show up for rehearsals or gigs. This iteration of Jilted features a keyboardist and guitarist character, who accompany the performer (me) in performing several original songs. One song "Jilted" is our origin/theme song which explains how the band came to be. The projected characters' movements and sound are controlled by floor and foot switches, in real time.

In NIME class, we looked at a variety of new kinds of instruments and performances. Individually, I looked at video artists like Tracey and the Plastics and Peaches as well as hologram/projection work of the Gorillaz/Jamie Hewlett and even Japanese hologram cartoons and advertisements to see how projections could fill a void and interact with human performers in a satisfying way.

Jilted is for "jilted" musicians, music fans, but also for a much wider audience of people who enjoy multimedia and characters

User Scenario
In a show environment, I can demo Jilted by playing along but let viewers control foot pads, which will change the sound and movement.

Video screens, projectors, flat foot pads.