Ariel Nevarez


A playable urchin that controls sound and image

Live Image Processing and Performance,New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Midi instruments have often looked toward the audio mixer for methods of controlling sound, the Mimbre is an orb that desires to be played with the persistence of constant pressure and the violent recoil of the archer's bow.

3 of these devices will be made.

Mimbre began as a tactile fascination with the resiliency of small bamboo strips. I would bend them to a near-snapping point, and though never returning to a fully straightened state, their resiliency was inspiring. I wanted to make sounds relating the tension of the bamboo to fingertips.

Anyone wanting to make music in a new way.

User Scenario
3 people each play the instrument, one person leaves and is replaced by another. The music continues throughout each overlapping exploration

Most materials are cheap or made of scrap. It's a bushPunk aesthetic that ties in closely with my strong beliefs in sustainable practices. One is finished at this point, but 2 more have to be made before the winter show.

I learned that acrylic is good at being rigid, but organic material is resilient, and bamboo is perfect. Emotion guides our actions, and should be built into our interactions.