Bruno Kruse
Martin Ceperley
Yasser Ansari

noah – networked organisms and habitats

noah helps people discover local wildlife and connects aspiring citizen scientists with current research projects focused on documenting various plants and animals.

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noah is an open source citizen science platform for discovering and documenting local wildlife. noah connects aspiring citizen scientists with current and ongoing research projects that are focused on documenting a variety of plant and animal species. Think of noah as a tool that nature lovers can use to discover local wildlife and as a common technology platform that research groups can use to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere. noah has three modes: Spotting Mode, Field Guide, and Field Missions. The spotting mode allows users to quickly photograph, describe, and upload sightings of plants and animals. On our end, we capture location data, date/time stamps, and other relevant pieces of information. Other users and eventually a community of expert volunteers help identify and classify organisms. In the location-based field guide mode, users can explore and learn about plants and animals that have been spotted nearby. Finally, in the field mission mode, users can participate in specific research tasks and help collect important data for various research groups and organizations. Missions can range from photographing specific frogs or flowers to tracking migrating birds or invasive species. Beyond data collection, some field missions are designed simply for fun and exploration.