Asli Sevinc

Non-Stop Laughter Belts

If you can tickle someone with your laugh and so can s/he, will you stop or keep laughing?

Electronic Project Development Studio,Rest of You

This is a pair of belts that will make sure you laugh non-stop. Once two people wear them, the belts will make sure they keep laughing.

What happens when we laugh? Does different kinds of humor elicit different types of laughter? Do different types of media elicit different types of laughter? What happens to the body when you laugh? Can you measure that in a mediated type of environment? Can you force people to laugh? These are the questions I'm interested in exploring in this project.

User Scenario
First scenario:
There are two belts and a video feed. Once two people approach ad wear the belts, a video feed of funny videos will begin to play. As the two users keep laughing, the video will keep playing. They will have to stop laughing together in order to stop the video, otherwise, it will play forever and the two users will keep laughing!
Second Scenario:
Two people are wearing belts that have pager motors embedded in them. When one person starts laughing, the other person feels a tickle. When the other person starts laughing, the first person feels the tickle this time! The non-stop laughter is enhanced through laughter sounds that will be triggered when one person laughs and until both people stop laughing.

The belt is made of stretch sensors, piezos, arduino lilypad, pager motors, xbees and fabric. There will be a video feed of videos pulled out of youtube, that are tagged as "funny".