Adam Harvey
Daniel Arcé

NYC to COP15: Live

An interactive artwork to connect NYC and Copenhagen during the Copenhagen 15 Climate Conference.

Interactive Screens and Cinematic Objects,Live Image Processing and Performance,Understanding Networks

General idea: a webcam link between a device in New York with a public area of the conference in Copenhagen. Passersby will be invited to pound the button to express their hope for a climate agreement. The button actuates a puppet arm in Copenhagen, which pounds a table in the exhibit area. Streaming video from both sides appears on screens in the other location, so New Yorkers can see their action completed in Copenhagen, and viewers at the conference can see a video feed of New York pedestrians passing by and expressing their opinion in this dynamic form. They can also record a testimonial video of their view on climate change that is saved to a databased on played back on a website. The unit in NYC will be powered by a solar charger unit provided by Venue space in Copenhagen is being provided and arranged by Artist as Citizen and

The effect will be to frame in people's minds that they are connected to this story directly, and also they can symbolically make their thoughts known after learning more about the issue from the surrounding information in the New York presentation.