Alex Kauffmann

Scratch & Sniff

Scratch this television screen to get a whiff of what's on.

Rest of You

A digital version of a scratch'n'sniff sticker. That's pretty much it. You drag your finger back and forth over a picture of flowers on a digital touchscreen, lean in, and you can smell them! The image changes to a leather couch, you scratch it, and you can smell it! Will you scratch the image of a dead rat?

Anyone with a nose.

User Scenario
The user sees a baseball game playing on what appears to be a regular computer monitor. S/he scratches the grass on the screen and when s/he leans in towards the screen, s/he smells grass!

6 hacked Glade Wisp flameless candles, lots of Demeter Fragrance Library smells, black foam core, an Arduino, and lots of love. The gameplan: no sleep till Brooklyn.

I discovered that I am a shockingly bad solderer. I discovered that restocking fees can significantly eat into a project's budget. I learned that you often have to do it the hard way first so that the easy way seems like a good idea.