Andrew Jordan

Sordu and Cha

Sordu and Cha is a multi-media video sculpture that invites guttural sounds that ring forever in the bellows of time.

Live Image Processing and Performance

This kinetic mixed media sculpture of Sordu and Cha is made of lght, projections, an lcd screen, motors, paper, paint, plaster, cloth, and string. The piece is the result of an ongoing contemplation of materials and form. Floating in mid air, the sculpture is reminiscent of deep sea creatures, though with a taste of absurdity stuck in to lighten the soul.

The piece started out as a visualization of phase. Initial sketches proposed two strings of different weights spinning on a motor from different locations. This concept was then expanded and turned into a larger sculpture. In "Systems: Hacking Everyday Objects" this summer, I learned how to make use of scrap electronics. For this piece, I used an lcd screen from a moving picture frame. The organic forms and references to human body parts

User Scenario
Sordu eats alone as we watch, paying you no mind. He floats in the middle of the room, and we watch him change colors as he his skin absorbs his vibrantly colored meal.

The main joy of this piece was working with such a wide array of materials. From sketch to implementation, it has been a constant process of unexpected experiments sometimes followed by sighs, sometimes by laughs and smiles. I purposefully stepped the technology back a few notches in order to meet the materials half way. Water, paper, spinning motors, hair, and string, this piece tries to move softly through space.

Strange is sometimes beautiful, but sometimes it's just strange. The more we can challenge the aesthetic of design, the more beautiful our world can be.