Nikolas Psaroudakis
Rune Madsen

Super Duper Cubes

A tangible interface to control music and video through midi, using a set of illuminated cubes.

Introduction to Physical Computing

Super Duber Cubes are a tangible interface built to control music, games or visualizations. Each cube has a 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer, plus wireless communication and built-in battery. This allows the user to turn and rotate the cubes without any wires attached.

In one setup the user can change musical instruments by turning the left cube. By turning the right cube, the user can select between several parameters in the selected instrument. By rotating the left cube, the user can manipulate these parameters, e.g. turning down the volume, applying distortion or adding delay to the instrument

Anyone that wants to mix/change music.

User Scenario
A user is able to control music output by rotating the cubes in all 3 axis.

Plexiglass, accelerometers, XBEE radios, and gyroscopes.

That the physical implemetation is more difficult than it seems.