Alex Vessels
Katherine Keane

Swig & Jig

Open the door of this liquor cabinet and create a different party atmosphere, depending on which bottle is selected.

Introduction to Physical Computing

Discreetly hidden in this Art Deco-era cabinet is a festive atmosphere waiting to happen.

Open Swig & Jig and remove a bottle of your choice from one of the compartments to trigger music and lights corresponding to the "mood" of the liquor selected.


Each compartment of Swig & Jig houses a switch that is flipped when a bottle is removed from that compartment.

An Arduino microcontroller is programmed to cue specific songs and lighting sequences for each switch that correspond to the liquor in that compartment.

We used an MP3 Trigger from Sparkfun to play MP3 files through Arduino, and a MediaMation MIDI dimmer to control the lights.