Karla Calderon


Text Rain remixed and sonified.


New Interfaces for Musical Expression

A sonified rendition of Camille Utterback's Text Rain. However, each letter and number is mapped to a different sound sample. Users can enter any text they wish. Entered text appears onscreen and loops, falling from top to bottom. Users can interact with the letters by standing in front of the camera and "playing" with them. If multiple letters are "touched" at the same time, the corresponding sounds will also play simultaneously. If there is a combination of movements populating the screen (such as one or more people using multiple hand gestures and hand placements), then the pattern will emerge sonically, allowing for the potential of creating music. The combination of interactions and sonified text create a step sequencer of sorts with the letters of the alphabet acting as the bank of sound samples.


User Scenario
The ideal scenario is to have multiple people interacting with the text on screen at one time,so several sounds/instruments can be played together.

OpenFrameworks (C++), a computer, a camera and you!

I learned code I didn't know at all before and then broke a lot of it. But it works now!