Minwoo Bae

The interactive triangle matrix

a Triangle Dice Musical Device with smart lighting Table to help people learn creativity.


Applications of Interactive Telecommunications Technology,Introduction to Computational Media,Introduction to Physical Computing,Live Image Processing and Performance

Since I was young, a triangle makes me be exciting. In my high school, trigonometry in mathematics was one of favorite classes. Ten-years later after graduation in high school, again, I have crushed on a triangle. When I went to the library for NYU dental student to study in which nearby my house. I struggled to study computer programming which was a first-experience in my life. While studying programming, I looked at a ceiling and then had an extraordinary experience: a multiple triangle shaped light cover in the library was so beautiful. It was great inspiration to me for creating a midterm project in a class of Introduction to Computational Media. Through those experiences, finally the idea was exposed. My project for Winter Show is that Smart Triangle Musical Device. I am using a color tracking and a detecting movement technology. I made twenty triangle dices(multiple triangles matrix). Each triangle has four surfaces that mean that each surface can have a color and a sound. I also made a smart lighting table for the video tracking. If people put triangle dices on the table, a video camera would start to track a triangle scale and a color. After computer find a color, a sound would be created. This is very important: single surface of triangle dice has single sound. Color system uses only seven colors: Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, and Black or White to match musical scales: C, D, E, F, G, and A, B. People can play music by using color-musical scales of colorful triangle dices.