Meredith Hasson

Thomas the Barrel

An inanimate object that takes on the form as a horse that needs everything a horse needs, water, food, exercise and attention.

Project Development Studio (Danny Rozin)

As a kid everything to me was a horse, or could be related back to a horse in some way. From the lines in the sidewalk, to fallen trees, things could be jumped like a horse, I could whinny like a horse and gallop around like a horse. When I was younger and thought about driving I didn't want to drive a normal car, I wanted a barrel in my car that I would sit on and drive my car like a horse. I've always wanted a horse, but never have had one of my own. Thomas the Barrel is my horse that I've never had, in a form that fits my life right now. My childhood dreams are revealed through a barrel, an old wine barrel.

A person is able to ride the barrel and rock back and forth on it and hear the sounds a horse makes. When they are off they are able to 'feed' the horse apples, carrots, water, hay and feed and have the horse make sounds accordingly.

My primary audience is myself, but it's really for anyone with an imagination, or anyone who played 'horsie' as a kid, playing like a dolphin while swimming, or has an imagination. Anyone who is able to take themselves out of the given atmosphere and believe they are somewhere else, existing in a different world.

User Scenario
A person sits on the barrel and rocks back and forth, after exercising the horse and hearing him make the clippity clop sounds, they might want to feed him, thus, they give him his feed bucked and they hear him munching away and maybe they top it off by giving him a carrot, which he munches on as well.

A mechanism for the horse sounds: 2 coconuts hitting each other. An RFID reader and tags for recognizing the food, water, carrots.