David Golan
Ioana Staicut
Nicholas Rubin
Si Cho


TrendLines is a Boxee app whose video experience is created by dynamically curating content based on current, socially-driven trends.


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TrendLines is an application that runs in the Boxee media platform. It dynamically curates online video content based on current, socially-driven trends and topics.

The video content presented within TrendLines is determined by what the online community is interested in. It scans a variety of sources, such as Google Hot Trends, New York Times Most Searched Terms (in 24 hours), and Twitter, to determine the top trending topics. TrendLines then pulls existing video content from the web as interpretations, or representations, of these topics. This includes video from both amateur and professional sources, such as YouTube, CNN, ABC, Truveo, etc.

The result is a collection of videos from the web that illustrates the top trending topics currently buzzing in society.

There are two ways to consume the content: Broadcast mode and Explore mode.

“Broadcast” mode initiates a passive experience where content is pushed as a consecutive flow of video. This allows for a lay-back experience where users enjoy video content presented in a manner evoking traditional broadcast television. In addition, users are prompted to indicate how much time they have available to watch (10, 20, 30 minutes). By specifying the length of time a user chooses to consume their dose of online video, the broadcast can dynamically tailor its length and content to best suit the user’s interests and behavior.

“Explore” mode pulls the identical content but gives users more control over their consumption. Users explore the content by actively browsing the results and selecting specific videos they choose to view.

Lastly, by tweaking TrendLines' settings, users can tailor results by choosing which trend sources and video sources to query and aggregate.

Email us at info at trendlines dot info

TrendLines is produced by Si Heun Cho, David Golan, Nicholas Rubin, and Ruxy Staicut.

User Scenario
Users will navigate the TrendLines' UI within Boxee. They will be able to choose trend sources and view dynamic changes to the video list.