Zachary Taylor

Vending 2.0

Vending 2.0 adds new interaction potential to the an otherwise predictable exchange by augmenting traditional vending machine architecture with network connectivity and an upgraded interface.

Understanding Networks

The goal of the project was originally to add new interaction to a vending machine by creating a rudimentary personality for the machine. Games, special deals, and whimsy could all be added to the electronic interface, bringing users to the machine for entertainment in addition to just the quickest snack available.

Networking the machine would let users provide input into what items they would like to see in a vending machine as well as letting the operator know when the machine needed a refill.

It is also clear that ITP students would want more out of a vending machine than just candy--electronics and physical computing supplies would be provided as necessary.

Finally, the project could provide a gallery and market for small student projects, somewhat like a mini-Etsy. This would make the machine not just a useful device for ITP students, but also an interesting gallery for visitors to the floor.