Adam Lassy

Video Face

A video sculpture consisting of a rotating projected face that tracks users when they approach, and interacts with a collection of video clips of various characters.

Video Sculpture

The concept is to create a thin humanoid structure with the minimum of material to convey a human interaction, and is inspired by the work of Tony Oursler. The structure is a face projected onto a piece of plexi using a small projector. This face pivots 360 degrees to face users. The structure itself has a very small 2' diameter footprint, and can engage users from all angles.

The concept is to create various characters that will engage users accordingly (shy, abrasive, etc). I am looking into finding actors now.

Single users and groups of users, of all types

User Scenario
The pedestal can be engaged from all angles and would engage users that pass by or stand next to it. The location of the camera, directly above the pedestal with a wide angle, allows me to track a circle around the pedestal at the center. This allows the sculpture to swing around and engage all user as they approach.

For the most part, the structure is complete. I plan to laser cut a new "face" now that i have figured out a size that works. The revolving pedestal is complete, and is controlled by an arduino which takes location values via serial. The setup uses a ceiling mounted camera (I am currently using a wide-angle b&w camera from Robb) and blob detection. I have fundamental blob detection working, but need to work on the logic of movement when multiple people approach it.

Also, I need to create the video face content to display.