Craig Kapp

Whisper Deck

The Whisper Deck is a voice-controlled augmented reality data visualization tool that immerses users within a fluid information ecosystem of their own design.

Virtual Worlds Workshop

The Whisper Deck explores new ways in which we can examine the vast amount of data being generated on a daily basis through the lens of augmented reality.

Using a special head-mounted display, users can explore a rich 3D space that seamlessly coexists with the real world. Wearing these goggles not only displays the world as it currently exists, but also adds a layer of 3D imagery that allows one to straddle the real and virtual worlds simultaneously.

At first this augmented space is sparsely populated, but data can begin to take form by simply whispering a request into a small microphone mounted on the users goggles. Upon deciphering the request, Whisper Deck will reconfigure the local space in an attempt to illuminate the relationship that exists between the requested items.