Ge Yu
Rong Yong

Sky Lantern

Flying lantern to send people's sweetest wishes and love to the heaven.

Introduction to Computational Media,Introduction to Physical Computing

Inspiration: In ancient China, sky lanterns were strategically used in wars. However later on, non-military applications were employed as they became popular with people at carnivals. These lanterns were subsequently incorporated into big festivals--sky lanterns are more like the messengers to carry people’s wishes and love to the heaven.

Purpose: 1,For those who had the experience of flying sky lanterns, this is going to be a brilliant new experience to make wishes, send love and keep secrets by sending heaven lanterns to the sky(heaven). A greener and safer way of the traditional Chinese custom activity.
2,For those who haven’t tried this beautiful activity, this is a wonderful opportunity to step into the ancient China, release the sadness and pressure, and enjoy the happiness created by the modern technology.
3,For the society. As sky lanterns contain a flame, there is the danger that they can cause a fire when landing on flammable ground. They can achieve quite a height and launching them in strong winds is not recommended. After the balloon lands, the leftover thin wire frame may present a hazard to any animal tempted to swallow it. This project will definitely solve these problems and keep this tradition spreading all over the world.