Matt Ganucheau


Fleeting is a video sculpture that attempts to emphasize the temporality of moments by drawing a correlation to aperiodic water drops and how we process memories

Project Development Studio (Danny Rozin)

Fleeting is comprised of a 3' x 5' sheet of japanese rice paper hanging. On one side a focused light casts a shadow of a water drop on to the rice paper, while on the other side a camera and a projector masks videos of memories onto the silhouettes of water drops as the are moving. The water drop falls in to a bowl of water that is filled to the brim to be able to view the turbulence that is caused by impact. From start to finish each drop/memory takes anywhere from 5 - 10 seconds. In addition, a mic is placed next to the bowl to amplify the drop sound and audio from the memory is also used but with an added reverb to allow the audio to have a longer presence then the video. This is subtle fade out of audio and video is important in imposing a sense of reflection in the viewer's mind.