Joshua Clayton


Polymoss is a networked moss sculpture. This iteration is a prototype for larger-scale deployment in public space.

Desigining Living Systems

For the ITP winter show, this project has two parts: a sculptural object in the form of a dodecahedron and a series of “living systems” drawings. The sculpture is a prototype for larger-scale deployment in public space. It is built with Eastern Pine, coated with a layer of moss, and connected to live environmental data such as air quality. This information is displayed on an LCD screen attached to the underside of a singular plexiglass face. The drawings, which form the backdrop for Polymoss, are a collaborative effort to imagine, critique, and invent scenarios for the future of New York City.

User Scenario
The sculpture is intended to function as both an aesthetically interesting object—marrying geometric form with lush, green moss—and as a site of data publication for the kind of information not often broadcast, like VOCs. The drawings should provoke radical thinking about the future of cities and issues of sustainability.