Paul Christophe


Digital knot tying to save emotions from your day.

Introduction to Computational Media

Through a friend who traveled to Peru I heard about this system of documentation that existed in preColumbian South America called Quipu that consisted of tying knots as a form of communication. She took this idea and developed a system of knots to document the 27th year of her life by assigning emotions that were important to her to specific knots. Every day she would tie these knots to preserve moments in time.

This project really compelled me, so I have recreated its simplicity to create a digital version.

I've studied the quipu system and looked at knots and spoken with my friend to see what works and what doesn't. Getting the resolution on the digital version has been challenging, but I've made the days read legibly from different zooms by clumping them into larger groups through the use of circle clustering tables.

My target audience is anyone looking to store their memories.

User Scenario
The user when they start assigns colors to represent the qualities that they wish to store. From then on, they merely fill in everyday some of the things that they are feeling.

It is just a digital application so it can be projected or shown on a screen.

I've learned a lot about coding and the time that it takes to bring an idea to life.