Nelson Ramon

Telcom ecosystem

Take part of the evolution of a computer generated ecosystem.

Beyond Processing,Introduction to Physical Computing

It is a computer simulation of a ecosystem.
Water, grass, vegetarians, carnivores and humans live on it.
The public interacts by using their cell phones to create humans (who do not help the system that much-- by using technology without conscience (metaphor)).

Public help the ecosystem by connecting their heartbeat pulse (through treelike pulse sensors) to "nature". This interaction cleans water, grows grass and trees, and creates new creatures.

The space needed is a screen, computer, and space in front of the screen in order to place a podium for the pulse sensors to be set up

Programming developed for Beyond Processing
Sensors developed for a project in which i helped with, with some residents.
Cell phone use detection gadget, researched with help of Eric Rosenthal and residents

The programming and visualization will be enhanced to be able to tell the story better and user impact, in a way that it has immediate understandability.

A key describing the entities and how the ecosystem works will exist.


User Scenario
The setup will be a booth like presentation.
Screen in front, at eye level.

Podium with the heart beat sensors disguised as trees for people to grab them easily. the sensors will be standing up, not laying down on the podium.

Physical feedback like vibration of the sensors when grabbed, accompanied with visual feedback is intended, in order to grab users attention on his action.

Instructions and key on the same screen as the visualization of the simulated environment

The sensors are 80% developed, the cell phone detector is almost done.

The software is developed, it has to be refined in graphics and visual stimulus for appropriate user attention caption.

Use wood , leaves (real or artificial) and conductive fabric to cover the heart beat sensors.

Instructions on screen or a key to the side of the screen.