Matthew Rader
William Jennings

Viral Like Waterfalls

Touch and tilt sensors on a can of silly string allow you to sample and mashup video and audio from viral videos.

Introduction to Physical Computing

Dj spray can loaders are canisters which snugly fit most spray cans. The “loaders” are essentially cup cozy’s with an accelerometer which fits below the inserted can and an FSR which flaps over the nozzle. Once the FSR is pressed and hair spray, silly string, or simply air is released, one may enjoy a variety of internet viral videos, while shaking a can like a real dj should.

The installation will have 4 canisters and a few extra cans of “silly string” or “canned air.” When a user picks up a can the video for that particular meme will shop up on the screen in front. There by encouraging the user to participate in the well known meme by “on the fly” audio mixing the piece.

The cords (ethernet) which run to a mega are color coded (to avoid entanglements) and screwed into a wave shield for security. There will be a video looping illustrating a performance the creators of the video made using the same samples.