Jeremy Diamond

Noise Nest

Use the limb of this wall-mounted fur & feather nest to explore it's surface and find the wide array of nested sounds.

Introduction to Physical Computing

This interactive audio sculpture is a 3' x 4' x 1.5' wall-mounted nest of fur and feathers with a long extension and some dials on the left side. At the end of the chord/limb-like extension is fur and plastic covered speaker box. Taking the speaker box off the wall and running it through the fur of the main piece will magnetically activate any of the 24 reed switches hidden within the fur. Each switch is connected to a synthesized sound that can change with the dials on the left of the piece. The sound will come out of the speaker box used to explore the surface. The magnet in the speaker will be able to set-off one or many of the sounds at once, to create an interesting and unexpected arrangement of song and noise.

I love playing with noise and texture, so I put this together mostly just to please my own curiosity to create something I would love to play with.

Anyone who wants to touch the big furry thing on the wall.

User Scenario
User approaches the piece and sees the small sign next to the speaker saying "Use this device to find the noises hidden within my body." The user would take the device with his/her right hand and press it to the body like a stethoscope. Excited by the first sounds to come out of the device, they would continue to comb the body to link sounds together and make their own little harmony. If enthralled, they could then play with the knobs to change the types of sounds each switch would make.

wood, fur, pillows & foam, rubber tube, Ardunio, Pocket-Piano board, and plastic bubble

simplify - troubleshoot - simplify - troubleshoot - test, test, test!