Alexandra Kuechenberg

1] Safe

Space Specific Tweaks

Site-specific: Augmentation, Affinities, and Frames,Video Sculpture

Intending to explore the possibility of a more genuine form of communication, “Safe” consists of a series of alterations. I propose the retrofittong of existing elements of a site specific space at 14 Wall St. The staging space will be a mock up of the site specific space. [staging @ ITP].

I will retrofit existing elements of the space with with embedded technology. These alterations wil allow existing elements of the space to be affected by human presence.

I motivated by the pestering notion that our understanding of objects and space is derived from signifiers placed on us by external minds. [I wish to hint at the notion of the imperceivable, there in urging twards the exploration of modes for representation of the imperceptible. . If nothing else, "Safe's" intent is to propigate a sense of unease with the comfortable .

Ive been working with the arts organization LMCC in the drafting of a proposal for a site specific installation in the vault floor of 14 Wall St. Ive been spending time in the space, documenting and planning site specific gestures. The content of the installation is determined by the site itself. I see undeniable relation to the site as a “vault” for “Capital Security and the metaphor of finance being the means to security and safety. To be literal, I want a sense of unease within a safe.

I wish to use the ITP staging space as a "mock-up" or "Replica" of a section of the site at 14 Wall St. I will be testing my proposed interactive systems and then creating a "Replica" scenario for off site access.

The intended audience will be invited individuals who are receptive to the mode of invitation. I am developing a mail-out invite in the form of an ambiguous riddle. A picture puzzle or anagram. I expect for recipients to either disregard or be engaged enough to solve the puzzle thus be invited to the experience.

User Scenario
I propose modification of existing elements of the referenced site (14 Wall St).

1) Light:
Amount of people in the space will determine the brightness of a retrofitted Fleurescent Lighting unit. More people=More Light.

Amount of people in the space will determine the temperature. The more people the colder the space.

I will embed directional audio speakers (ex HoloSonic) into air duct vents. Each of two speakers will emit a different pure tone composition (4Hz and 7Hz Sine Waves) . THe speakers will be directing the sound to a specific point in the space where the audio can be experienced. Once in this exact location, the user will experience a binaural beat composition which will facilitate the production of Alpha Waves in the brain. In Neurology, Alpha Waves are associated with a meditative state of consciousness.

I will be retrofitting found objects with programable systems.

1) I will use a circa 1960's fleurescent lighting unit. I will remove tubing embed a led array system which will allow interface with sensors that will detect user presence.

2) I will hack a portable A/C unit in order to interface sensors which will also detect presence and adjust climate based on this.

3) I will install directional speakers behind air duct vents that will play a Binaural Beat composition intended to produce Alpha stimulation.