Dan Scofield

Cadence Chair

User must achieve a certain tempo and rhythmic equilibrium while rocking in order to "descramble" a self-generated image/audio experience.


Introduction to Computational Media,Introduction to Physical Computing

The Rock & Pitch Chair consists of a wooden rocking chair placed in front of a large monitor that is connected to a Mac running an audio and visual Processing sketch.

The Chair consists of three sensors:
1) left Force Sensing Resistor on the left arm rest
2) right Force Sensing Resistor on the right arm rest
3) Accelerometer mounted on the back of the headrest

The Animation playing was created using the Processing programming language. The image and sound can be manipulated using the rocking motion of the chair as well the two sensors on the arm rests.

The visual and audio components are meant to function together such that the generation of one as the result of the other is unclear. The work attempts to create a kind of a "synesthetic" experience for the user whereby they cannot discern exactly which of their senses is perceiving any particular stimuli.

When first sitting in the chair, the user sees a scrambled image that gradually reveals itself to be something entirely different.

All three sensors have tangible control over both the image and sound, however this control is never so direct that one sensor clearly controls only one aspect of the sketch. Through experimentation the user must determine an appropriate "choreography" of sensory input.

The rocking motion in particular allows the user to achieve a steady rhythmic cadence that controls the sketch. Serene, steady rocking will ultimately distract the user from being aware of their immediate surroundings and will facilitate the synesthetic experience.

Synesthesia, image/sound manipulation, trances.

All ages.

User Scenario
User becomes fascinated by the image on the screen, sits down in chair, places headphones on ears, gradually becomes familiar the control of two thumb sensors in conjunction with rocking, manipulates sound and image to the point where they are satisfied with what has been be revealed and created--all the while losing awareness of their immediate surrounding. Leaves in a mild trance. This should take approximately two minutes.

- Wooden Rocking Chair
- Two (2) FSR sensors
- One (1) Accelerometer
- Mac running a Processing Sketch with output to a monitor and headphones

Rocking chair is a great media controller. Getting the sketch to do exactly what I want is very difficult. I can't wait for visual programming.