Jenine Durland

DoggyCorps Talking Portraits

DoggyCorps is a collective storytelling portraiture project that uses the perspective of New York City dogs as a lens for describing life in this urban environment.

Making Pop-Up Books,Materials and Building Strategies

DoggyCorps is an ongoing project featuring field interviews of New York City dog owners speaking as their pet, in the first person, as well as hand drawn portraits and animations.

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people of all ages and backgrounds.

User Scenario
A visitor approaches a dog house facade with an open doorway. Inside there are 10-15 framed paper portraits with pull tabs hanging on the wall., Visitors are invited to open the portraits, revealing 3-dimensional pop-up dog portraits.
Due to the loud nature of the show, the audio will be housed on an ipod with headphones, which visitors will be given when they approach the portraits. Each portrait will have a number and a corresponding audio track.