Lynn Burke
Matthew Tennie

The Factory

The Factory is a reclaimed gumball pinball machine turned music player based on Warhol's Silver Factory complete with the yellow banana, Velvet Underground tunes and Jelly Belly gumballs.

Introduction to Computational Media,Introduction to Physical Computing

The Factory is a found gumball pinball machine that has been refurbished and re-purposed as a music player. The music is controlled by the pinball controls while the game is inactive. But when the game is active, the controls no longer affect the music until after the game is over and the player's gumball has been retrieved. It is thematically based on Warhol's first Factory, also known as the Silver Factory, complete with silver decor, Warhol detail and (only) Velvet Underground music.

We had a vast amount of research to do from looking into music visualizers and The Velvet Underground to Andy Warhol and the mechanics of pinball machines.

Everyone! Pinball (especially the variety involving a tasty gumball treat) is a game for all ages. Even our aesthetic choices were made with the intent to include a wide audience. Warhol's imagery is something many people can recognizable.

User Scenario
The user bumps into the machine to play the music, plays with the controls on the side to change the songs, then plays pinball. They insert a coin, play the game for approximately 20-45 seconds until the gumball exits the playfield, then collect their gumball from the ball exit area at the bottom of the machine.

The play pause function is controlled with an accelerometer and all other switches consist of two wires connecting to send a signal to our Arduino.

The machine is covered in foil tape.

We learned that real pinball machines are expensive to make and when people look over your code when you're having problems, it always ends in an "Of course that was the problem!"