Rose Schlossberg


Drive a car down someone else's memory lane.

Introduction to Computational Media,Introduction to Physical Computing

The acculul8r is a video installation which is made to feel like a real car, complete with busted old car parts which have been wired up to control video playback, projected onto a screen in the place of a windshield. The driver is swerving from one video to the next and speeding up the footage with the accelerator pedal. All of the footage comes from my video library, and is thus a way of visiting video memories.

Over the past 4 years, I have recorded a good amount of video in all the places I have gone. To explore this body of video memory with the nostalgic interface of a car would achieve some of the aspects of the road-trip ideal that I have been interested in.

User Scenario
A user sits down, experiences several road-trip style videos, then begins to swerve into more unexpected content, such as stationary video, video shot indoors. They become interested in the variety of videos that are showing up, and use the tools at their disposal to see what else they can find.

Steering wheel with a mounted potentiometer, accelerator pedal (repurposed guitar pedal), wired to an Arduino, connected to Mac Air, connected to Samsung projector mounted above, projecting onto a screen.

A lot about building and arraylists