Kate Watson

Archived Visualizations

Large format visualizations of images contained in the ITP thesis archive.


Art of the Archive

Using the ITP thesis archive's 1200 digitized papers as source material, I will produce large format printed images exploring visual themes of the work produced in our community over the years. Images included in the exhibition examine how people have used typography, wireframes, charts, story boards and drawings to document their process of building a thesis project. Relationships between images are free associative, and pull from traditional collage techniques. The ITP Thesis Archive began during the summer of 2011 as a means of preserving, exploring and sharing the history of student work made at ITP since its founding in 1979. Thanks to the hard work of an entirely student led team, over 1200 papers hidden in closets for years are now digitized. Using thesis projects as source material, the Archive team strives to make a visual, dynamic, and collaborative space for our community to examine how we've made work over the last 30+ years.