Lia Martinez
William Jennings

Cavendish Trebuchet

Use a toy catapult and launch bananas against the wall.

Video Sculpture

An object has a story, everyday it does a task for you but how does it feel about this task? We were interested in exploring an objects ability to communicate to you how it might feel about something it does over and over again.

Threw 20 different things against the wall (fruits, vegetables, toys) and watched high quality video playback to see the ways things responded when tossed, chucked, flung, etc.

Everyone who likes to make an impact

User Scenario
User walks up and pulls back toy catapult with finger, a tension is built with the voice of the catapult coming through strong. Do they let go or wait to hear what will come next? Flinging ensues, then they see what they threw hit the wall and fall down. plunk. Again?!

One toy catapult, one sensors to detect pull back,release and impact of arm stopping.

Learned that art is messy and what is rendered is very different than the imagined ideal.