Eric Hagan


A bike enabled video sculpture piece that takes the user through the journey of the rise and fall of a city.

Designing for Digital Fabrication,Making Pop-Up Books,Video Sculpture

Cycle takes the audience on a bicycle journey through the continued history of the single city. A single audience member climbs onto the bicycle stationed in front of a large monitor and begins to peddle. The bicycle is situated on top of a trainer, which rotates another axle. The axle controls a sprocket and chain set, which runs perpendicular to the bicycle to second axle. Focused on the cylinder is a webcam which feeds the image back onto a monitor stationed in from of the bicycle. As the audience member peddles on the bicycle, they appear to travel through the world towards the horizon.<br /><br /> The cylinder depicts the continued rise and fall of a great city. The empty land gives way to grand buildings before the degradation takes over to the point that the city collapses. The land provides a potential from which the city rises again. With repeat completed journeys of the bicycle, the audience will be able to connect the objects in and around the city throughout their various states stationed in time. Cycle asks the audience to consider the pasts traversed, the future yet to be seen, and the path that connects them.<br />