Doug Kanter

Databetes 7729

A diabetic's data visualization of 7,729 blood sugar readings from November 2011.

Introduction to Computational Media

This visualization displays my 7,729 blood sugar readings from November 2011. The data comes from my continuous glucose monitor, which records a reading every 5 minutes. This is a new way of looking at the data beyond the traditional graphs. I'm aiming to help patients get a better sense of their control for that month rather than examine specific readings. For people with a chronic condition, this medium-term view is important. Increased patient understanding of data helps patients maintain motivation and a positive attitude towards their health. As a diabetic for 25 years, I am interested in exploring these topics further.

June marked the 25th anniversary since my diagnosis with type-1 diabetes. Proprietary hardware designs, competing data standards and concerns about privacy have stifled innovation in the medical sector. Nonetheless, times are changing with a new era of patient empowerment.

Diabetics in particular will most appreciate this data. But I hope that the work also succeeds for all viewers purely as an interesting and engaging visualization.

User Scenario
I can generate several different visualizations of the data by month or by day. A slideshow would cycle between the 31 total graphics.

I would need a computer monitor to display the slideshow. I also have a 2' x 6' printout of the visualization.

My blood sugar level is more erratic than I thought.