Alex Dodge
Alvin Chang
Andrea Cheung
Becky Kazansky
Craig Protzel
Erica Newman
EunYoung Kang
Jamie Lin
Jennifer Ho
Ju Yun Song
Kemeya Harper
Lia Martinez
Marcela Godoy
Michell Johanna Cardona
Naliaka Wakhisi
Sukmo Koo
Thitiphong Luangaroonlerd
William Jennings

Design for Unicef

Designing for Change

Design for UNICEF

Design for Unicef is a class that takes real world problems and ask its students to come up with design solutions that improve the lives of others. The class projects range from bikes that are transformed into ambulances for pregnant women, re-purposing/transforming plastic bags into a building/textile material, moveable media that educates, and games that empower and teach the future of tomorrow.

Adults to review and look at the Plastic and kids to play with the toys.

User Scenario
User walks up and watch videos that are playing on loop or simply start playing with the toys/sifting though the materials.